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5 Benefits of Aluminum Decks

Aluminum decking is a durable, long-lasting solution that has many benefits over wood or composite decks. Not only does its beauty create a more luxurious feel for your home or business, but the properties of aluminum eliminate many of the issues that wood or composite decks have. Here are the top five benefits of aluminum decks:

  1. They remain cooler
Aluminum dissipates heat better than other surfaces, and the reflective surface of the aluminum boards helps keep the deck cooler. At Caft-Bilt, we put this to the test and used a thermal gun to determine decking surface temperatures after each type of decking was exposed to direct sunlight for the same length of time on a summer day. Our test showed aluminum as the coolest deck surface. You can see the results of our test here.
  1. They’re non-combustible
Aluminum is non-combustible, making is safer for grilling. It is dangerous to use a wood or charcoal grill on composite or wood decks since sparks can fly, especially in windy conditions. Unlike other decking types, aluminum will not ignite or burn, making them much safer for grilling enthusiasts.
  1. They’re non-skid
Wood and composite decks get slippery when wet, making them unsafe by pools. Our aluminum deck has an embedded textured finish that makes it non-skid and an ideal solution for use by water. Aluminum decks have not only been used near pools, but also near lakes, rivers, and even on boats. Homes and businesses located in areas with lots of rainfall will also benefit from the non-skid design.
  1. You can install them yourself
Craft-Bilt’s Aluminum Decks are a DIY product that can easily be installed by a homeowner experienced with DIY projects. This can save money in labor costs, and the deck can be installed in your own time frame. Easy to follow installation instructions are provided.
  1. They’re maintenance-free
Our aluminum decks are manufactured with extruded aluminum, so the decks boards will not warp, twist, fade, splinter, rot, or deteriorate over time like other decking materials. With hidden fasteners, the nails will not pop, and with the powder-coated finish, you won’t have to repaint. An aluminum deck not only saves you time in labor, it will also save you money, since you won’t have to replace your deck or boards, and you won’t have to continue buying paint, stain, or other materials.

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